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Welcome to the home of The Online Urban Aquaponics Manual.......and The Online Japanese Quail Manual......and The Online  Microponics Manual.

In 2007, when we published the Urban Aquaponics Manual, there was nothing like it anywhere.  Since that time, however, about half a dozen books and a host of DVD's have been devoted to aquaponics.

In early 2011, we took the Urban Aquaponics Manual online and created the first aquaponics subscription site in the world - and we said that that it would get bigger - and better - and it has.
While the The Online Urban Aquaponics Manual is still the benchmark for Aquaponics publications, the fact is that one can only stand so much fish and salad before it becomes boring - so it's time to expand the menu.....and raise the bar.
To that end, we've decided to pursue another goal - to become the leading online micro-farming site in the world. The incorporation of our Japanese Quail Manual - and the Microponics Manual - evidences our commitment to a broader approach to micro-farming.

If you're already a member.....and you'd like to see how we've leveraged the value of your subscription.....login NOW!.....because we've got a surprise for you.

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 NEW for December!
The Online Urban Aquaponics Manual.... 
- 15 Good Reasons to Use a Dedicated Bio-Filter
The Microponics Manual

The Online Japanese Quail Manual
- Care of Fertile Eggs
- Incubation
- Brooding

NEW for October!
The Online Urban Aquaponics Manual.... 
- Aquaponics FAQ - 33 questions and answers
The Microponics Manual
- Securing your Micro-Farm
- The Microponics Workshop
The Online Japanese Quail Manual
- Lighting Quail
- Feeding and Watering Quail
- Genetically Speaking

NEW for September!
The Microponics Manual... 
- The Mollisonian Chicken Tractor
- The Movable Chicken Tractor
- Free Range V. the Chicken Tractor
The Japanese Quail Manual... 
- Sexing Quail
- Selecting Breeders
- Housing Quail

NEW in August!
The Online Urban Aquaponics Manual...
- The Mega Bin System - a pictorial overview
- Building The Queenslander Aquaponics System
The Online Japanese Quail Manual....
- A Pocket History of Japanese Quail
- Getting Started - an Overview
- Description
The Microponics Manual....
- The Queenslander - a dedicated page
- Duckweed - a dedicated page & FAQ
- Black Soldier Flies - a dedicated page
- BSF Frequently Asked Questions

We Need Your Help!
During the past four months, we've made some huge changes to this site.  If you've had anything to do with building and managing a website, you'll know that, regardless of how many times you check, there's always that typo or dysfunctional link that escapes you.
We want this manual to be the very best that is can be - so we'd appreciate your help if you could let us know about anything that appears not to work or is misspelled.....or that you just plain don't like.
We'd also be delighted if you decided to let us know about topics that you'd like us to address in future changes.
You can reach me on: 
In the mean time.....Enjoy!

Click on the Manual Cover of your choice to see an overview of the manual contents. 
Aquaponics is the integration of fish and plants and, since its initial publication in 2007, the Urban Aquaponics Manual has been the most up-to-date work on aquaponics available ....anywhere.....and it grows bigger and better each year.

Japanese Quail are the quintessential micro-farmer’s livestock. They earn the title on the basis of their unrivalled ability to produce meat and eggs faster, and in greater quantity, than anything on two or more legs. 

Microponics is the integrated production of Fish, Plants and Micro-livestock - in your own backyard.....and the Online Microponics Manual is a growing compendium of articles, presentations and videos that will help you to do-it-yourself.

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